iPad 3G: Cheapest Price Plan Data Package


    Can anyone recommend the cheapest/bestet way to run an iPad 3G?

    It would be for light use - ie anything up to 500mb/month.



    Probably this:…%2F

    I think you top it up once and then get 12 months data. 500mb.

    £5 quidco too. There's a thread about it on here somewhere.

    Sorry, meant 500mb a month.

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    Thanks for that. so you pay £5 and get free internet on t-mobile 3g for 12 months? max 500mb?

    That sounds too good to be true?


    Thanks, can anyone confirm.

    Also, anyone know of a caddy to use a micro .sim in a normal sim phone

    You have to top up a tenner. So it costs £15 total. You can get £5 from quidco. I'm gonna get one once I find somewhere with iPad 2 stock.

    Will try and find the thread for you.

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    ah cool - just done a bit of googleing, do we have to change the apn settings in order for the internet to work on an ipad?


    No idea mate. It'll probably say on the other thread. I think it needs activating on an iPhone though.

    Did you get your sim card? Did you get it working ok?

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    how can you unlock a 3g ipad?

    once the jailbreak comes out for the latest software you can unlock through that.

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    my ipad was unlocked as i thought it was locked to orange but it takes an o2 and t=mob micro sim!

    the t-mobile deal is:…im/

    Get 100 minutes free & 12 months free internet worth £40*

    Top up £10 each month and get 100 free anytime minutes to
    UK mobiles and landlines to use the next month.

    Buy an iPhone 4 micro-SIM for £5, and load it with £10 credit at the same time.

    Now obv this is for an iphone 4. the manager a t-mob said acitvate the sim in an iphone 4 then put it in ur ipad and your away!

    iPads are sold unlocked.
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