iPad Air 2 or IPad 2017

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Currently have old IPad 2 which is in immaculate condition but slow despite factory reset and not supported by Apple so looking to replace. The IPad 2017 is latest model but I’ve heard good reviews about Air 2. Looked on specs (must admit I don’t understand it all, might be a girl thing) and screen on Air 2 is clearer. I can buy a reconditioned Air from apple for £20 cheaper than new IPad. Which is the better buy at this time? Many thanks.
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I have an iPad Air 2, and my wife has an iPad 2017. I think that the iPad 2017 is faster, but cannot see the difference between the screens. Both are refurbished from Apple, and I have had no problems with mine since I bought it.

BTW. Mine was delivered a day later than Apple said. After contacting them over this, since I waited in for the delivery, they knocked off £50.
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They are very similar as seen by the comparison on the above link, just because you'd get updates for longer I'd go for the ipad 2017.
Thanks for commenting. Is 32g enough oppised to the 128 on IPad, for general use. I don’t do gaming nor take many photos?
My wife has an Air 2, my mom a 2017.

The 2017 feels much thicker, and also the screen on the 2017 is more reflective.

Personally I would pick the Air 2.

It actually feels nicer.

Also, I would avoid 32gb unless you are anything other than a bare minimum user.
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Never do the updates and my iPad still super fast
Isn’t the 2017 supposed to have a more powerful graphics chipset?

I bought a secondhand 2017 for £200 and the specs showed it was more powerful but a lot heavier.
I bought the 2017 from apple refurbished and are very happy with it
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