Found 17th Nov 2016
My ipad is kept in a case with no screen saver. I plug it in every night to charge in same place. I came down this morning and theres a huge crack across the screen from corner to corner. It still works great but its bizarre , how did it suddenly appear. Would the cold night temperature have done it. Had ipad a year now, is it worth getting screen replaced by apple or shall i just use it till its worn out. This is my second ipad after regular ipad, never had this happen before.


Anyone else live in your house? Can't see how glass can magically crack by itself unless your house is colder than the Arctic or something...

maybe the battery has started to swell while charging and caused the crack.

Any kids or pets? My iPad mysteriously developed a cracked screen then I found out weeks later that my brother had stood on it!

don't know how true this is…ll/ I know it refers to iPhone.


maybe the battery has started to swell while charging and caused the … maybe the battery has started to swell while charging and caused the crack.

Yeah, I'd certainly be cautious using it now just in case, The battery could be about to explode, I would certainly refrain from charging it over night because it could burn down your house.!.

Have Apple check the battery and fix the screen.

Seems fairly bizzare , I would certainly get Apple to check it over. We have ( please don't hate me ) 3 iPads and none of them have ever suffered any screen damage from charging . Last week I dropped one on a laminate floor , face down , without its cover on , complete butter fingers, expected to pick it up to find it smooshed to bits, but still in one piece, they are fairly robust.
Personally I wouldn't charge anything overnight though in case it did catch fire , would rather be awake and able to run out of the house oO

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I just found my receipt, 13th november 2015. I booked a visit to apple tomorrow. See what they say. Thanks for all your replies.

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don't know how true this is … don't know how true this is but... I know it refers to iPhone.

Thanks for that. I looked it up and followed through with a booked visit to apple store. They gave me a new ipad.
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