iPad Air Battery Issues

Found 18th Mar
Hi all,

Purchased an iPad Air a couple of years ago from the Tesco ebay Outlet. From what I can tell it hadn't been registered so I didn't register to prolong the warranty.

It now has battery issues where it takes forever to change and it discharges very quickly.

I'm trying to register the ipad but when on the 'Please validate your product’s purchase date.' page, I'm getting an error saying: "We’re sorry, but we are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again later."

I've never dealt with Apple before, but there's an Apple store in my local city centre - would it be quicker to go down or to call support?
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If you are trying to register an iPad that is over two years old I would think the error message is due to the fact that Apple will know by the details you are keying in that the iPad was produced over two years ago and is unlikely to have been sold as new recently Your post reads as if you are trying to pretend you have just bought the iPad in order to make a claim on the guarantee , but apologies if I have mis interpreted your intentions. The guarantee starts on the date you buy it, not when you choose to register.

If you go into an Apple Store I would expect them to ask you for proof of purchase if you are trying to make a claim. However if you just want advice I have found their helpline brilliant , and they will direct you to the store if that's the best way to go.
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As much as I dislike Apple, Their cs is usually spot on. Try phoning them or pop into one of there stores.
Gave them a call and they sorted things out using a diagnostic.
Check warranty info here with the serial number: checkcoverage.apple.com/gb/en/

Apple checks the serial number to see if you're covered by the warranty.
Once you activate a brand new Apple device the warranty starts. Never heard of registering for it.
If you have been using it online and have an Apple Account linked to it. Then the device is already registered.
As advised above, check the warranty status via the serial number. That is what Apple will go by.
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