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I have a iPad mini with Brocken screen should I fix it let my little girl keep playing or sale it and upgrade to the new iPad


Depends on how badly it is cracked. Normally a single light crack is okay but as its a child using it I would probably look at fixing it or replacing to be safe. Just so you know I've fixed a few in the past (long story) and it is really not that difficulty. Do not get it done by Apple as they charge about £200. There are shops that will do it and its hit and miss. Ipads (except the Air 2) have a separate digitiser on top of the LCD. Cost about tenner on ebay and takes about an hour or two to replace. Hope that helps.

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Might give it go my self then

Do a bit of reading first, I'm sure there's some soldering required for some of the screens if you don't buy the one with the flex preinstalled make sure the one you are buying has this.

No soldering on the mini (not sure latest model). Just the adhesive on the digitiser edges. And once, lift off LCD. Then remove the perimiter screws. Undo the cable clips (gently) before replacing the digitiser. Then reverse the procedure. If you are handy with minor repairs its a doddle. Nice video here:…tkU
Otherwise maybe better off selling on Ebay or as you said keep for yourself to use.
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I have done things like this in past
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