IPad mini cracked screen

    I am looking to get my iPad mini screen fixes (LCD is fine) And I am pretty sure the cracks has just appeared themselves ( the screen has been replaced before) I have found this website wear its £60 at the moment to get a new screen…ni/ but I am not sure about using a third party company again as I had such much trouble with the old one I used. So could any recommend a really good company? Or should I just go though apple? Thanks P.S if I go though apple anyone know how much it will be?


    I don't think Apple will touch it after a third-party repair has been carried out. I may be wrong but I always thought that was the case.

    I have used foneangels in the past and would recommend them as they give you 12mths warranty an did a good job on replacing my screen on a Galaxy S3 - if you have any questions you can phone them and they seem to be very helpful - Hope this helps

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    We'll the company I used first give me 12 months warranty but I don't know how to prove the cracks happened on their own? And thank you
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