ipad owners-What case do you use?

    32gb finally on order.....what case is everyone using for general use?

    Don't like the Apple Official one as its a bit bulky

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    thinking about one of these for general day to day as have a similar one on my iphone…118

    bin lid

    Looks nice. I use the official and some screen protectors from

    Shame the HK sites haven't got much in the way of iPhone4 stuff yet. Could do with a few bumpers and screen protectors

    Official iPad case.

    It's excellent, gets marks on it easily though, but they rub off.

    Edit: how do you mean bulky? It's not bulky at all imo.

    i have the griffin, looks nice inside it.

    I bought an E- volve neoprene case off a seller on ebay. It was £8.49 delivered an I've been very happy with it.
    If you want to take a look the ebay item number is 190368961841

    I have the Justin.
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