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Hi guys and ladies,

A lot of brand new iPad Pros on eBay for much cheaper than shops. E.g. iPad Pro 12.9 for £550. I know these are US models but how can they be so cheap? Are they trust worthy? I'm of the opinion that if it sounds too good to be true...

Example Look at this on eBay ebay.co.uk/itm…355
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It's quiet, tooooo quiet
It is as the saying goes.....

The seller is based in the Far East. That would be enough for me. The fact their returns policy is unlawful would definitely put me off. Ultimately you will have eBay protection but do you really want the hassle?
You can get it used at cex for £550 with the link being here. I always choose used from Cex over New on eBay, because the last time I got an iPad from them it was like new. No scratches or anything. And it came with all the original accessories
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Smaller but cheaper and new, what about this one?
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