Posted 5th Mar 2022
Hello, I am looking for some advice. I smashed the screen of my 10.5 iPad Pro (2017 model). The best quote I got to get it replaced was £145. Do you reckon it worth it? Any ideas of 2nd hand tablets (no fussed if it will be iOS or android) that cost around £150 and are of similar performance to the iPad Pro?

Thank you
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    If you can buy one for £150, you can sell yours as spares/repairs & get something back?
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    £145 is incredibly cheap. This model unfortunately has both digitiser and lcd bonded together. So both would need to be replaced. Based on my suppliers, the part price alone is £130, this is for the best available quality and parts come with life time warranty.
    The job takes approx 1 hour. So I would be charging a minimum of £180 for a proper job.
    I would be very sceptical of the quality of parts and workmanship if someone is quoting such a low price.
    As to whether or not its worth it... A like for like version typically retails for £300-400 used/refurbed. There are no android based tablets that would match the performance of the ipad pro 2017 for £150.
    My opinion would be to get it repaired.
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