ipad sent to good rep ebay seller for repair

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Found 30th Dec 2015
had a broken screen on a ipad mini ...paid ebay seller with great feedback apx £37 ...never eceived back... seller provided tracking number via royal mail...its being processed from 6th dec... ebay will step in from 3rd jan but im thinking i would only get £37 back and not my ipad....

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yeah that sounds about right, eBay will award £37 in a dispute and not the full value of the iPad. if they've sent it and RM have lost it, the seller is covered I would've thought.
surely they would've used a method that's fully insured? i.e. special delivery
how's their feedback since?
it seems like you are both the victims of an error by RM however the seller will probably claim limited liability (probably on the eBay page)

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thank DennisG for your reply your time is appriciated

yea RM sucks... ebay seller feedback is still great ebay seller profile

so basically i may get my £37 back via ebay and then the seller said he sent recorded so that only insures very little cost of the ipad
so that means he could claim for loss and receve that money where-by i only get £37

Services (as opposed to goods) aren't technically covered by eBay's "Money Back Guarantee" at all, unfortunately. See here: sellercentre.ebay.co.uk/eba…icy

They are, however, covered by PayPal's "Buyer Protection" for UK residents. See here: paypal.com/uk/…ull

That likely only means that you'll get back the money paid for the services, though, as you're suggesting. This is going to be one of the limited circumstances where insured postage services are actually an advantage to the buyer as well as the seller. Best of luck with this, regardless!
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RM recorded/Signed a For is only insured for £50.00. Unless they did special delivery whereby minimum insurance is £500, RM will wipe their hands clean from you!

What did the sellers webpage say about the service: did they say HOW they would return the item to you, did they have any guarantees?

May have to go down the Small Claims court route unfoetunately.
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