Posted 11th Jan 2023 (Posted 8 h, 43 m ago)
Can I get a sim only phone contract and use it in my iPad as the data only SIM cards are more expensive per month has any one done this
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    Yes you can.
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    Did it all the time for holidays.
    £10 for 30gb of data etc. One month deal.
    Was going get a 12 month sim only phone sim three 100gb for £12
    Or data only it’s like 25£ so that’s what I was thinking doing the phone sim instead
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    Net neutrality legislation states Joe Public can shove a handset SIM in any cellular device and use it without restriction up to the SIMs bandwidth allowance.
    EE will hilariously say you can't if your usage is excessive, but unlikely your modest 100GB requirement would incur EEs wrath, especially if sidestepping EE hilarity and opting for 3 or 3 MVNO.

    Latest 3 KFI is dated May 2022…46)

    Smarty's KFI is more of a statement, of no (speed) restriction…ing
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