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    I have an iPad Air two 64gb and love it I'm tempted on a larger iPad Pro 12.9 screen is it worth changing ?


    It's personal preference to be honest. You'll have to factor different things into how you use your iPad now in comparison to the bigger screen

    Do you really want a bigger screen? I mean we have 2x 12.9" as well as the 9.7" (mine) and I so prefer having the 9.7. When I'm watching films it's not as heavy, I am able to type with both thumbs on the 9.7 when the keyboard is portrait . Playing games isn't an issue on any.

    I feel as though the 12.9 is just too big for my liking overall. Question you need to decide is, is it worth upgrading? I mean all I can think is that the Pro 12.9 has a faster processor and louder speakers (9.7 has a flash on the back additionally) but the air 2 still functions as well and supports the latest software
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    not to state the obvious but the bigger screen makes it quite a bit less portable, weight and sheer slab size. it seems quite cumbersome at times. it is a beautiful screen to use however, and makes the iPad 2, now the children's, seem quite inadequate. ours stays in the house mainly

    No, it's too big to handle comfortably
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