iPad/iPhone Jailbreak??

    It's been a fair while since I updated either my iPhone or iPad.
    I was just wondering what is the latest firmware for both which has been jailbroken?
    I've seen a couple of posts about tethered and untethered??


    4.3 latest, jailbreak tethered.

    4.21 jailbreak untethered

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    Yes but what does the tethered stand for?


    Yes but what does the tethered stand for?

    Thethered means it's not a permanent JB, you will have to JB the device again on each full reboot.

    Untethered is permanent.

    Untethered one for 4.3 due soon.

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    Ah okay. Cheers!
    Anyone installed the tether jailbreak then?

    Yes did both my iPad and iPhone 3GS. Both on 4.2.1 and used greenp0ison. My first go at jb and very very easy

    Edit: oops will read properly next time!! Obv I did the untethered jb.
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