Posted 8th Dec 2022 (Posted 14 h, 51 m ago)
Hi Folks,

just looking to gather some additional thoughts and opinions on buying a used refurb iPhone 11 Pro and whether you think it’s still worth getting or not as it’s 2022, coming 2023.

I’m still rocking an iPhone 8 Plus that’s starting to show some signs of feeling old. I’ve had a look at the latest iPhone 14 but I just couldn’t press the button on it.

I only really want to maintain a large screen and increase some storage. Better camera wouldn’t go a miss. Thus trying to be a bit more realistic and economical, I was looking at refurbished iPhone 11 Pro. It appears I could get 11 pro max pristine 256gb refurb model for around £550 on average. I’d be happy to get another 4 min out of that.

i realise iPhone 12 and 13 is also an option, but that’s where my uncertainty and confusion lies because I am not quite convinced it’s worth the additional cost. So do you think the iPhone 11 Pro would still be worth it in todays age or would 12 or 13 be a better more concise choice for a refurb?

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    There is nothing wrong with the 11. My son has had it for a couple of years. Still zippy as when bought. What I would say though is always go for the newest you can afford/are willing to pay for as it’ll be supported longer with security and iOS updates. Meaning it’ll be longer before you need to upgrade again. Although better than it used to be as even the 8 got the last update. (edited)
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    Still a decent phone, but lacking 5G.
    5G isn't all it's cracked up to be
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    Im still using basic X model and apart from poorer battery life I can’t fault it. Security and OS support is another thing indeed.
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    Got a brand new 11 August 2022 for £280 and no way was updated I be thinking about changing it for years. (edited)
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    Thanks for your comments.

    in terms of affordability, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is let’s say around £200 more (so 36%) and iPhone 13 Pro Max is around £500 more (so 100%) it seems compared to the 11

    I’m not even going to consider the 13 because I’d just up the extra for the 14.

    So essentially it’s between the 11 and 12 then. I do think the 11 is probably capable and more than what I need but I could afford the £200 extra for the 12. So I will have a look at the technical differences to see
    My daughter recently upgrade from a normal iPhone 11 64GB to a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro 512Gb which looked brand new when it arrived. She loves it with the massive storage increase and better camera. It was her choice to have the 11 Pro rather than a 12 Pro with less storage, because of the price difference.
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