iPhone 11 vs note 10 vs s10

Posted 15th Sep
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Neither - you'll only drop it when showing it off to your mates

A £150 phone will do the same things - and be the first in your "clique " to say "who needs this overpriced stuff to appear cool " . Then buy them a drink with all the money you will have saved . Then you will really be cool .
I agree with you some extent but still 150\200£ phone lack on performance/quality/photos..
None of them get one plus pro 7
Spend half & get the Huawei Mate 20X. 7.2 inch screen, 5000mah battery, triple camera
If you’re looking for an iPhone I’d recommend getting an older model, I have a 6s it runs the exact same as the newer iPhones, on iOS 13! The iPhone 8 is going really cheap right now! If you want FaceID the XR is your best option, if you have an older iPhone trade it in and get a discount
iPhone. Best value for money per year of OS support by a country mile.
Too expensive for me...
Mobile phone around £350 - 500 are good enough, IMO.

Anyway, I will not choose iphone. For the price you willing to pay, it has to be 5G
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