iPhone 12 pro max contract price without handset.

Posted 6th Nov 2020
Student code required.

This is the contract price minus the cost of the device (£46pm/£1100) and based on upgrading after 12 months happy to answer questions.

£46pm for handset, 12.50pm for contract
£46pm for handset, £4.50 for contract after TopCashback.

See below for breakdown.

£84pm -20% = £67.20. 67.20pm x 12 = £806.4. 806.4 + £50 upfront - Apple Music £60 - tcb £93 - resell value after 12 months (£630) + balance to upgrade this year for me was £530 (11 pro max) = a total of around £50pm

£58pm without cash back.

This isn’t factoring the annual inflation%, but let me know if I’ve tripped up anywhere.

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