Posted 12th Sep 2022
Bought an iPhone 14 pro max from amazon UK. Does anyone know if they are going to deliver it this Friday?

Thank you
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    I ordered a 13 Pro Max last year and by the time Sunday came around they couldn’t give me a delivery date. Luckily I found one else where and cancelled. Put me off going there this year for one.
    Hoping for Friday
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    Cancelled my Amazon order, order from John Lewis this morning instead for click n collect tomorrow.

    Apple had some for store collection too.
    Still nothing from them
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    U sure ? I thought they will send on friday as its 16th. Waiting for 14 pro
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    I also ordered on Amazon. I think we’ll get it staggered depending on when we ordered. Fcfs so you’ll have to be lucky to get it on Friday
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    I've been wondering this myself. Pre-ordered the pro max silver on the purchase screen it said will be delivered on Friday but confirmation email and order still say delivery pending. Given that the link for the pro max seemed a bit "glitchy" i.e. I could only pre-order it by selecting Amazon from the "choose from these sellers" dropdown unlike the other models at the time which allowed me to pre-order through the page, I imagine I'll be lucky to get it on Friday.

    I don't mind waiting but part of me is naively thinking that Amazon will update the delivery date soon.
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    Has anyone had payment taken or dispatch notification yet?

    I havent yet :-(
    Me neither
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    I tried on the apple store app and by the time i got to theckout missed the release dat delivery.

    I found it on Carphone Warehouse a few hours later saying available for release date delivery so i ordered (its now showing way into October).

    I got processing email at 2pm today but no dispatch - i called them an hour ago and they told me it has been dispatched and i will get the email after the backlog and i will get tracking tomorrow - at least i hope as i fly next week so cant have any delays.
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    Amazon just told me via chat it is being delivered tomorrow. I did order on time though
    Have you been charged and also has your order status updated? I ordered within a minute of go live, and still on ‘Order Received’ with no charge.
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    Mine due to be delivered by DPD shortly from Carphone warehouse.

    Edit: Arrived with not great packaging to be honest, but all is good. (edited)
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    Coming tomorrow 👌
    From amazon???