iPhone 16GB vs iPod Touch 32GB

    Not sure what one to get...


    + Larger Size
    + Phone functions built in....

    Need some help to decide. both are same price

    the iphone wil be unlocke and used that way, so really want a idea what you guys would get.


    No posts that ipod/iphone is rubbish...its just spam.


    Ultimately it is up to you and what you require.
    If you want a phone then get the iPhone.
    If you want a music player then get the touch.
    If you don't have more than 16gb of songs or don't mind selecting what music goes on your iPod then go for the iPhone.
    If like me, you have more than 16gb of songs and hate choosing what to put on the iPod, go for the touch.

    I don't own either, but if I was going to get one then I'd get the touch for the above reason.

    it really depends what you need,I have a 8gb iphone for day to day use,but honestly done use it for music only video that much,also have a 80gb classic which is better for music IMHO

    Original Poster

    thanks for that, was swinging towards the iphone, but due to the fact I have my main contract with 3 with a data add-on and a contract with o2, i will have to pay an extra 7.50 to them to have it with internet enabled, but i wont get the bolton for wifi and visual voicemail, also is edge very very slow?
    do the people with an iPhone find it unusable?

    If its that slow theres no point may aswell get the touch and enjoy the extra storage, just need some help from you guys...

    iphone incredibly usable very good smooth interface....edge is not that bad,obviously wifi is very to go to apple shop and have a good play where they won't put any pressure on you to buy
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