Found 11th Jun 2008
Thinking about getting one when my current contract runs out in july.

anyone know the price of insurance through o2 on this phone?

possibly cheaper doing it through my bank?

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I want to get one free too. I got an e-mail saying I can upgrade for free to it so I'll prob give it a go. Does anyone know if it can support my work e-mails via Outlook (is it POP2?) or am I speaking dutch?

I'd give them a call, but my bank offers free insurance.


i f you with tsb there a waste of time i just got my phone because misses throw mine
and there not new phones they send out there recons

and i took ages like 2 months to get a nower phone of them

you could get a free phone, 12m contract, instant cashback and a sim-free iphone ]here

ok, it's the old style 8gb iphone, but it's free!!!
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