iPhone 1st Gen (unlocked 1.1.4) should I update firmware???

    I must admit that I've been enjoying my unlocked and jailbroken 1.1.4 1st gen iPhone on Orange for so long that I haven't bothered updating anything.
    I've previously installed so many applications that I dont really think Im missing out on anything but am I?

    Should I upgrade to 2.1 or stay as I am? Will iTunes 8.0 work with my existing setup if I dont update the phones firmware?


    iTunes 8 won't work on your jailbroken phone unless you upgrade to 2.1 first. It's worth doing if you use emails as you can delete more than one at a time. Also lots of freebies on the App Store.

    [FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/FONT]Is there a correct way to do this upgrade so we dont "brick" the phone?

    You can't really brick the iphone as you can always restore to an official Apple firmware then start again. There is a Quickpwn release for Windows that jailbreaks 2.1. Just google for the iphone dev team.

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    So definetly worth updating and starting from scratch?

    I'll be sorry to see all my free Apps go.

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    Where are all the 2g iPhone owners?

    Cydia and Installer are on 2.1 so you won't lose anything. Just have to re-install them. The real reason to upgrade are the millons of bug fixes Apple have done to the firmware - better reception, longer battery life, calls not dropping. Just get it done already!
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