iphone 2g advice..


    I have a iPhone 2g that I brought over a year ago.

    It is unlocked jailbreaked at 1.1.4 and is working fine.

    I used ziphone at the time...

    I have been reading and I see if I upgrade via itunes and unlock it will be fine at 2.1.1 (As it is a 2g the baseband does not get updated).

    Is it a case of upgrading for the sake of it, or is it worth it???

    I would need to restore it for repair if required??

    Any advice on this, I hear some people had issues with slow downs with 2.0?


    I would say don't upgrade.

    I was happily using 1.1.4 and then upgraded to the latest version.. Now I no longer have an iPhone. :x Caused no end of problems (battery life, missed calls etc), which may all be co-incidental to occur after the upgrade but who knows. And don't count on restoring it to get it repaired, you can't totally hide what you've been upto.

    I have iPhone 2G too and I've updated my firmware a couple of months back. I had 1.1.4 and upgraded with no problem to 2.1. Very simple to do. Download jailbroken firmware and update it via iTunes. Two things I would recommend:
    1.) Bakcup all your data independantly to iTunes (copy the data from iPhone to your PC)
    2.) Remove your sim-card when upgrading your firmware. I didn't and it 'destroyed' my sim-card.
    Hope that helps

    Original Poster

    Ok. Thats a 1 for and a 1 against...

    I remember when 2.0 came out, loads of issues reported with jail phones???. Hangs lock up slow downs???? What are the benefits of 2.2 over 1.1.4??

    TBH, I would rather wait till firmware 3.0 is out and then upgrade.

    Upgrade to 2.2.1 with quickpwn, it's so easy. It's alot better than 1.1.4 because they've added the app store.

    Upgrade through itunes to 2.2.1 and then use quickpwn to unlock and jailbreak.

    Original Poster

    Is the APP store similar to the Apple one, but free???

    If I start to struggle with things, is it easy to revert back to 1.1.4?
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