Found 13th Mar 2009
I saw a 2G Iphone on ebay and the seller stated that sometimes the top half of the screen does not respond. Ive looked on the net and i think the term for this is 'dead spots'.

Could anyone tell me how it could be repaired and if I bought it and went to an Apple store would they repair it for me, how much would they charge, would it need to be under warranty and would it matter that Im not the person that original person who bought it, would I also have to have the original receipt as any proof?

Sorry if Im asking any silly questions, just dont have any idea about how warrantys work if your not the original owner.

Thanks in advance

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I think it's called a dead zone, most cases seem to be caused by the screen getting wet.

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how could this be repaired? would it have to be taken to a phone shop and how much would they charge for it to be repaired?
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