iPhone 2G repair

My sister has recently cracked the screen of her original 2G iPhone including the glass lens layer and the actual screen. I was wondering how much it would cost to be repaired and where I could get it done as, although I could get the screen on its own for about £60 at Mobile Fun, I don't think that include the glass lens layer and also I would not have the foggiest how to do the repair, so for anyone that finds a place that would repair the screen for a reasonable price, I will give them rep, thanks!

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The screens not too expensive mate, you can get the LCD replaced for much less than £60, however finding the digitizer which is what makes the touch screen work is the problem, the digitizer is also glass and glued onto the lens, even if this isnt cracked its very hard to get it off the front lens, the ironic thing is I managed to do an iPhone 3G for a customer last week for £50 with the Digitizer and the LCD, however at the moment the only ones I can find for the 2G even on ebay are over a £100+
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