iPhone 3

    Just bought a brand new iPhone 3. 8gbs on eBay for £135.00 how do u think I have faired have I made a good or bad purchase how much are these worth thanks


    3 what?

    3G or 3GS?

    Well seeing as it cost you 135.00 of some form of currency i would say it is worth 135.00 of the same type of currency


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    It's a 3G

    I'd say it's an average price tbh.

    Isn't it a bit late to ask now you've bought it? I'd say average price myself.
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    It's a 3G

    Just Like That !!!

    It's a fair price

    Cool thread.

    Great thread brah.

    Average... its better than £136.00

    shouldn't have paid a penny over £134.99
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