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    I have purchased a Iphone 3G from 02, how would I go about unlocking and jailbreaking it?

    (I know this has been posted a lot of times before, but I am a little confused as I am unsure on the process, as there are new updates available and different versions of software, and am just genereally confused)

    Thank You



    [FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkGreen"]fairly easy these days.

    download blackra1n [url][/url]
    connect iphone
    run blackra1n
    follow instructions

    Or, give me a Fiva and I'll do it ;-)

    does that website also break the Itouch


    does that website also break the Itouch

    No but give me a fiver and I'll throw it down the stairs for you. That should do it.

    Original Poster


    Thanks for all your help.

    I downloaded the blac1rn software and followed the instuctions and it rebooted the phone, but the phone shows that there is no service, but there is a vodafone sim card in the phone. What do i do now. I am confused.

    Thank you
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