iPhone 3G and Simplicity Tariff

    Not sure if this has already been discussed?

    I've had a quick search, and I've also used google to search other websites... perhaps the answer just isn't known yet...

    but I'll ask just in case: when the new iPhone is released on PAYG, does anyone know if it will be possible to use an existing o2 simplicity sim and remain on the simplicity tariff whilst using the iPhone?

    Thanks in advance.


    If their is a SIM in it already and you can get into then Yes. Probably.

    i hope so because thats what im planning, if not give it a few hours and they will have unlocked the phone anyway!

    iphone 3g will be available to unlock via ziphone, Rumours are there saying it does the same procedure as the old iphone, and has the same chip from the old iphone! so can be unlocked

    Yes, but be careful with your network usage.
    The "unlimited" internet bolt on with simplicity only comes with 200MB fair usage policy and the excess will be charged.
    However, iPhone will surely use more than that if you watch videos.
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