iPhone 3G back at Carphone Warehouse Online

If you missed out on Monday, CPW are taking more orders for iPhone 3G now.

They also are promising delivery for tomorrow!


I ordered today at 2.10pm and the site stated Next Day Delivery and I selected tomorrow for delivery.

Only after ordering the tracking webpage states they cannot guarantee next day delivery due to high volume of orders being placed. My order has still not been processed. The website now states only orders made before 3.30pm will be delivered on Friday. I smell something fishy going on. I rang and my order was still not up on screen. Not looking good. Not wanting to be messed around and conned into ordering for their next batched delivery (who knows when it would arrive and Saturday does not come under Next day delivery!) I phoned them. I was assure it should be delivered tomorrow and convinced not to cancel my order and phone back at 7pm. So I waited a few hours and rang again as Item still not showing processed on tracking webpage. I asked about the order and requested it cancelling if not being delivered. I was now told my order cannot be cancelled as it is not showing up on his screen yet. Even after requesting someone who had access to the orders made I could get nowhere by the unhelpful CS rep (contradictary term and not looking good for CPW). I was told I could email to cancel and made clear I already have done so and sincerely hope I am not charged as I have cleared instructed the order to be cancelled.

CPW has messing people around. I'm never touching them again. If they really had the item in stock it would have been processed. They don't have that many in stock and surely if an influx of orders was expected at release then staff provisions would have been addressed.

I will never be touching CPW again and if they charge me now and send me an iPhone middle of next week I will be contacting my bank and filling fraud charges for the money taken and instructing CPW to collect their item they have wrongly sent.

CPW marketing strategy to increase order backlogs is a disgrace!

you may have a point m8..

totally agree with u flashpanther, i had gone to the store on the launch day, and i was told that they dont have the 16gb ones' in stock, but took my order and said would be delivered on saturday for sure. and today is monday and i still dont hav my phone. and the guys at the cpw'sare rude. i called them in morning today they told me that they will get the phone in an hour, and they didnt get the phones' today either. this is the victoria centre branch in nottingham
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