Iphone 3g Brand New required.

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Found 30th Sep 2009

My iphone was stolen and it wasnt insured sadly (well it is covered by home insurance but the excess doesnt really make a claim worthwhile).

Anyway, as i still have 16 months to run on the 02 contract, does anyone know the cheapest repuitable place to buy an iphone 3G other than Apple website? i.e. has anyone here bought one online brand new and the transaction was ok/phone is legitimate etc?


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you will probably find that prices are high everywhere hence you are asking here in the hope that someone might have that secret knowledge of cheap iphones. I think you will be out of luck

If you ring up O2 tell them what happened they should do it cheaper then the online site or store as your in contract. It wont hurt and they will give you a price.

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Yeah rang them and honestly said they couldnt do anything.

Pretty desperate if anyone can help! Thanks
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