Iphone 3G Freezing?

    Hey guys, just wondering if you know what the problem would be, if the iphone just freezes when its on charge?

    it just froze up on me now as we speak!

    have no idea what to do..!?!

    Has this happened to any of you? how do you fix it?


    Try a restore maybe


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    freezes before i can..
    how long is the warranty on these?


    waranty lasts 1 year from when bought, iv had a few tech probs with my phone, glitch's on home screen, lag, poor batt, frame rate issue's

    has it been jailbroken?

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    has it been jailbroken?


    Have you tried plugging in then giving it a reset in iTunes?
    If so then take it to the apple store or O2 shop and report your problems they should either fix it or replace it if you've had it for under a year. If you've had it more than a year they will probably charge you depending whether its a popular problem or not.
    There is some info about iPhone service here:
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