iPhone 3G Gift Card-Soon To Be Avaliable In The UK

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Found 6th Dec 2008
Apple say:

"Give someone an iPhone 3G Gift Card and when the lucky recipient comes in to redeem it, an Apple Retail Store Specialist will take care of every detail. The Specialist will get your recipient's iPhone 3G up and calling, set up email, and help customize the Home screen, choose some great iPhone applications, personalize ringtones, and find favorite songs."

All you do is add money to the card so it can be used in conjusction with other payment methods, if needed, to pay for a new iPhone.

Great for Christmas!

(Only in the US currently, will soon be avaliable in the UK)


Not really a deal tho is it?!?! Cold

LOL someone give me an iPhone 3G for Christmas please? (with the 18 month contract paid upfront of course)

not a deal, especially as not in thsi country.

I own a 3G unless as stated came with the contract paid I wouldn't wish it apon anyone. 02 contract is overpriced ****.


can be on payandgo

Why not just buy the phone if its pay and go?


Moved to MISC, thanks for the information oldgreg

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thanks sigma!:thumbsup:
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