iPhone 3G ok on IOS 4??

    I may be offered an iPhone 3G for my Mum and am aware that this is no longer supported by Apple.

    But in reality, what isn't going to work and what will work on it (obviously calls and texts will be ok :-) )

    Could I update to IOS 4 and still surf net, do emails and play a few games?? Am aware some games now require minimum IOS4 but if I got it for the right price could this be fine for my Mum, just to do above??

    Also, what's the going rate for 3G 16gb on O2?

    Many thanks in advance


    You can have 4.2.1 on iphone 3G, So far I've only found one game that isn't compatible.

    Everything else works as it should as default.

    iphone 3G 8gb average condition around £120-£140 on ebay.

    iphone 3G 16gb average condition £135-£160 on ebay.

    iphone 3GS 16gb average condition £200-£230 on ebay.

    I've got iphone 3G and in comparison to my ipod touch 4G it's very slow..!!!

    3GS might be the better option especially as it will still be supported for the upcoming ios5.

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    Original Poster

    Thank you. I have a 3GS and am looking to upgrade to iPhone 4 so its whether I'm a good nice daughter and sell/give it to my mum for next to nothing!!! Will see how much the 3G is going to be first.
    Thanks again.


    A 3G is old now, will the battery not suck (lets face it, it was never … A 3G is old now, will the battery not suck (lets face it, it was never great to begin with)?

    My battery doesn't last long at all, If I'm surfing or messing with it 4-5 hours at most, If on standby a couple of days.
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