iphone 3g s from mobiles.co.uk?

hi all

just about to order the new iphone from mobiles.co.uk as you get £60 cashback from quidco and a free bluetooth headset, seems like the best deal i can find.

has anyone ordered via them before, are they ok to use? i havent used them before and have always got a phone directly from the providers.

thanks in advance


i've a discounted line rental deal with them and ive got my 3rd (of 4) cheque with no probs...

however, topcashback did not track the transaction and it seems mobiles.co.uk didnt respond to the manual missing-cashback claim

o yes, i too got the bluetooth headset as gift, which I think may be its the reason why they dont respond to the claim

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ok thanks for that , im just a bit wary is all, did u choose to keep their insurance or did u cancel straight away?

they are fine, just be warned the quidco can and most likely will take about 6 months

if i remember it correctly I waited for a week before the free insurance lapsed.
It was very easy then to cancel both the insurance and premium technical support (canceled over the web) ... but i dont know how they do it now

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thank u rep left x

i think they are crap, i ordered on tuesday (a viewty on orange contract) they sent the wrong phone (arrived yesterday) so i spent 40mins on hold then i got through and was told i had to return the whole thing and have it cancelled, so i did it arrived there today and it was all cancelled (i was told once this had happened i could order again and it would all be fine) so i ordered again and orange declined my contract application becaus i had cancelled one earlier today (because mobiles.co.uk sid tht was what i should do) now i cant get that deal and it was the best around. phoned there customer services 3 times (about 20 mins on hold each tim) to enquire about the declined contract, first guy said he would look into it n phone me back in 20 mins, hour and a half later no call so i phned again this guy told me the same he would phone me in 20mins hour later nothing, so i phned them up again n told them to cancel evrything n go shove it!! :x not impressed no i have to drop all my plans for tomorrow and go to town to get my new phone cos im away on holiday on saturday. Customer services are awfull avoid them like the plauge if you can :x

bought from them for the fast deliver, cheap price and it would not cause any hassle, i was so wrong its been really stressful and im also down 5 pund 40 i spent returning the first phone so now i need to phone them again to sort that out :x
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