Found 31st May 2009
Hi Guys,

My iphone got knocked out of my hand last night and smashed on the floor. Gutted!

It's not covered so i need to get it repaired. Its the front glass thats smashed, the touch screen still works and doesnt look like the actual screen as been affected.

Do you guys know of any legit iphone repairers. There are are lots on google but its hard to know who legit/good.

Thanks for any advice,



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Edited title. I will check it out, thanks.

Are you sure its not covered by your contents insurance? It would be on ours, worth a thought and worth checking.

apple do it , i think they charge like 150 odd though but thhey give you a new phone instead.

Tthere was a guy on London's gumtree. Much cheaper than the Apple alternative. Check this link. Not sure where you're based though.…tml

Hope it helps..

Have you got accident cover for your house?

my mate replaced his for a new one at apple in Glasgow for £99

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Thanks for all the advice guys. I have an appointment with a apple Genius on Sat so will see what they say. Rep for all you helpful people :thumbsup:

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Went into apple today and was told to get it repaired would cost me £139! Ouch..

would their "repair" be giving u a brand new one though. When i asked for my battery to be replaced they just handed me a shiney new one with screen covers still on

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No that price is purely to replace the screen. However I was told if the phone had a fault (e.g battery life) then I could get a new replacement for the same price, but the screen would have to be fixed.

The genius actually gave me the link of a place that does repairs and said there would be no way of telling whether the repair had been done by apple or not.

so they told u a different place thats cheaper i really do love apply genius people they're friendly. If only all other customer services took a page out of their books
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