iphone 3g unlocking Help ..please !!!!!! NOW WORKING FINE THANKS

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Found 5th Jan 2009
managed to unlock my new iphone yesterday ( Cydia and yelleowsn0w ).. in about 30 minutes it was up and running with an Orange sim card ... it was perfect .. i woke up this morning and the fone was locked again !!! it only works on o2 sim card now .. i reinstalled yellowsn0w , reinserted the simcard ( tens of times ) , reset network sittings , but it always no service or invalid sim with Orange ... i cant remember i did something that might trigger this .. only made and received few calls and downloaded few themes ,ring tones and wallpapers from Cydia ... do u think i shall start all over again ? thanks for ur help

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did you use the beta or the full version of yellowsnow?

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it s the .0.9.5 vesion ... i do not think there is a full version yet !!!


betas are full of bugs as you probably know

better to wait for the full version and let the others be the guinea pigs

but as youve already attempted it maybe worth tring to do a clean install and start again

its a lot of money to throw away if it bricks

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Yeah i know .... but it s working fine now ... just removed yellow0snow ,rebooted with o2 sim inside , reinstalled yellowsn0w , turned G3 off , and switched flight mode on , switched off ,inserted orange sim , turned on with flight mode still on , reset network and then turned flight mode off .. and Orange is working again ..if it happens again i will just remove everything and wait for the full version ... thanks for ur help .. rep added
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