Iphone 3G vs Samsung I900 Omnia

    Ive seen alot of posts surrounding both the Tocco, Iphone but not much on the Omnia, Basically the big brother to the Tocco. Just after some feedback from other members, Im not all sold by either Iphone or omnia.
    Reasons for iphone, No bluetooth stereo support, limited media codec support, no native video capture, GPS is still limited unless a 3rd party offer a better navigation package than google maps.
    As for the omnia, Its run Windows Mobile 6.1 which i havent used myself but used other versions and it doesnt seem to get great reviews, With no item such as App store i imagine apps and widgets will come now and again but nothing like apples level of offerings, functionality i dont imagine this comes anywhere near the iphone same goes for usability.
    Things that do make the Omnia interesting 5Mpix autofocus, Video capture, DivX support, Upgradable SD upto 8Gbps although people report larger can be used.…php



    From your own link...

    The highly rumored ]Samsung i900 is finally unveiled by Samsung. Called ]Samsung i900 Omnia, this Windows ]Mobile PocketPC seems as a strong competitor of the rumored 3G ]iPhone, which should be announced today too. Of course, the feature set puts it head-to-head with ]HTC Touch Diamond too. However we have the feeling that the HTC TouchFLO 3D might be a bit more spectacular than what the Samsung i900 offers.

    BTW - this is W6.1 also - so if its an issue on the other Samsung - this would be no different.

    Original Poster

    Yeah im just after opinions of people or personal experience with any of the devices

    screen quality of omnia is naff
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