Iphone 3G without a contract activated - where do I stand?

    Hi All,

    Can anyone help?

    I was on an O2 £20 per month tarrif and yesterday upgraded to a iphone £35 a month tarrif.

    I`ve got my new Iphone, signed the contract etc and it's all working.

    I received a call today from the O2 store saying that the contract didnt go through correctly and can I go back in the store to sign it?

    As I`ve already got the iphone what would happen if I didn`t go back and sign the new contract? Will they upgrade it automatically or will I be able to keep my existing tarrif (which is O2) and have a new iphone which I`ve paid for?

    Just wondering......




    i would imagine they'll block the phone, making it unusable.

    would be worth trying to squeeze something else out of them tho for the inconvenience

    Original Poster

    Thanks, I`ll pop back tonight and see what they say. It explains why visual voicemail was not working though

    chicken :-D

    tell them u will call in sometime and use as long as possible

    CPW (and others I assume) had a clause in their contract that if you didn't activate the handset or cancelled the contract with the network provider within 14 days they'd bill your credit/debit card for the full value of the phone. I would have thought O2 have something similar.

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