Found 13th Dec 2008
Hey people,
Currently have a iPhone 2g...however have been offered an iPhone 3g. I personally like the look iPhone 2g - silver back etc ...

But its faster than the 2g (edge) but other than that is it really worth it? Understand it has Sat Nav but is this subscription based? Also if its been on an 02 contract and I want to use my Simplicity simcard (when I leave 3) will it work straight away or do I need to get one of those special unlocking sims as well?

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If you do, can I have your old one? We can call it my xmas pressie :-D

O2 sim card will work in the iphone even if you change iphones. I emailed O2 recently and asked them this. :thumbsup:

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lol...I would have but have given it to my other half! lol :thumbsup:

The iPhone 3g is a friends phone on his contract he wants the HTC so said I can get this one of him! So wasn't sure if my sim would work.

There is no satnav on iPhone yet but the 3G version does have a gps receiver.

in before Guv and his HTC :-D


lol...I would have but have given it to my other half! lol :thumbsup:

Ah well, it was worth a try lol.

I guess she is slightly more important than I am :-D

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lol! ...:)

Well if you use the net alot and you have an unlimited internet bolton with your contract then its worth having the 3g one

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Thanks for the advice guys! Was just confused if my simcard o2 would work in that as its been activated with his contract! so if I put my simcard in it will work straight away? so think it might be good to buy...

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Can some advise me what simcard to buy to unlock the iPhone? Also just to confirm even if the phone has been activated on another contract I can use my simplicity sim in there without unlocking it?
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