Iphone 3gs 16gb for £200. Worth it?

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Found 29th Nov 2010
I can get an iphone 3gs for £200. It's the white version, with just the phone, charger and usb cable. Also, while the front part of the phone is in great condition, the back is in pretty bad condition with a couple of scratches about 4/10 rating. Also, there is no warranty left. Is it worth it?


yeah worth it

Yes, good deal in my opinion.

And for the back just put a cover on it (like an incase one) and you'll never see any scratches.

yep nice buy

I would say it depends where you're getting it from, I've purchased some 3GS 16gb for the same price but in very good condition.

Would you change the rear plate or will you just protect it with a case? I'd say it would be a good price if you weren't planning on spending any more money on it!

I should also say I bought one privately, met the seller and within two days it was blocked (seller reported it stolen) so that's why i said it depends where you're buying it from

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I ended up buying one for 240 in really good condition. Came with the box and accessories. It was off gumtree though..... Its a risk I've taken though, guy seemed pretty genuine lets see what happens

Don't read my thread from tonight then about an iPhone purchased from Gumtree haha! 3 months later she blocked it. Although over the next few days we'll see if she genuinely made an error (at least she's been in touch now). I got mine for £220 and is under warranty until July so hopefully it gets sorted!


Lol, some guy from Gumtree tried to sell me one. He wouldn't let me go to his house, I had to meet him in town. I did meet him but decided it was obviously stolen (Not that I told him). He was a massive guy, no one I would pick on.
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