iPhone 3GS 16gb trade in?

    Hi there!!

    I am wanting to get an iphone 4 so need to sell my iPhone 3GS 16gb. I would really like to
    Avoid eBay so I was hoping there would be some sort of trade in deals in some shops? Has anyone done anything like this?

    Thank you!


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    Wow they're not offering much are they?! Can't let my phone go for that little lol. Not when they're 300 on eBay. Might have to eBay it then! Lol.

    Anyone else got any ideas?

    Sell it on here?

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    Can u do that? I guess id sell it on here if I could meet the
    Person rather then send it. Safer that way for everyone! Didn't think we were allowed to sell on here for some reason?

    Yeah, there's a for sale/trade section.

    You could specify collection only, and post a picture of it with your username next to it.

    I see you've put it up already good luck
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    didnt think you could untill 7 days after this thread??

    any idea how much a mint con 3gs 32gb is worth second hand? (not selling here)


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