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    if i get a iphone 3gs from carphonewarehouse and jailbreak and unlock then use my orange contract sim will i still get charges from o2 or can i avoid the contract by doing this, can anyone comfirm if this will work, thanks in advance for the help


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    did this with a 2g iphone from las vegas locked to at and t and it worked a treat

    I bought one on ebay (payg) and unlocked it etc to use my Orange SIM works fine.

    Think he's talking about buying it contract and then unlocking.. As with the 2G iPhone's you paid just the phone price and activated at home.. So if you didn't activate - you weren't bound to the contract. As they took no details.

    Which you can't do with 3G or 3GS

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    is this not possible with the 3gs as they have my details when ordering?


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