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    I am thinking of purchasing the iphone 3GS on pay as you go. I have a vodafone contract and was wondering if I unlocked it, would I be able to just put the vodafone sim in and use the internet via vodafone?

    If I did the above, could i still get use the apples's apps service without any problems?

    Thank You


    Yes - it should work fine. I did similarly with a Virgin contract.

    Unlocking (jail breaking) is slightly risky but the vast majority are successful.

    I'm thinking of doing this, thing is;

    I JUST started a contract with Vodafone a few weeks back for 18 month, main reason was to get the HTC Touch Pro2, which I really like but I had a go on the new iPhone the other day and loved it, might see if I can get it traded.

    i've got 3G and got it jailbroken and unlocked and inserted my voda contract sim fine. I contacted voda eForum re the settings and they were most happy to confirm them, even tho they knew it was for the iphone. I have added the web flexi pack to my monthly subs tho, so i don't need to worry when I go on line on the iphone..


    As I've mentioned loads in the official iphone thread here, I have used a vodafone sim card from the day the first ultrasn0w 3GS release was er..released!

    Works fine.

    I have also now, and please don't ask me how - because I genuinely have not got a clue how - have got push working correctly.

    Roughly though, I activated officially with a o2 sim, i redsn0wed, i swapped sim cards to voda, redsnowed, ultrasn0wed, and not they just work?!

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    Thanks for all your replies. :thumbsup:

    So can i access all the apps on the appstore as a genuine 02 customer would?



    Thanks for all your replies. :thumbsup:So can i access all the apps on … Thanks for all your replies. :thumbsup:So can i access all the apps on the appstore as a genuine 02 customer would?Thanks

    Yep - i have to admit that so far I havent [yet!] used cydia. Simply gone to appstore and downloaded some free apps at the mo!

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