Iphone 3gs 8gb 4.3.3 ios and 05.16.02 baseband unlocking

    Hi is there is a way to unlock the phone
    Iphone 3gs 8gb 4.3.3 ios and 05.16.02 baseband unlocking

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    Not tried it myself.

    edit: Just read the article and you are on an incompatible baseband.
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    does anyone know how longI would have to wait until it becomes available? maybe it is just not worth it? maybe I should sell it and get another one

    what network is it on as maybe quicker to pay a bit and get it officially unlocked?

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    it is locked to OMNITEL , Lithuania

    were can I get it unlocked officially? and how much it would cost me?
    I phoned Apple, and Omnitel, neither of them can do anything about it

    Sorry no idea re Omnitel

    You can do it by installing the ipad baseband with redsnow but be aware it's not reversible and you may loose gps functionality.

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    well, I might wait for a month or so

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    I will complaint to EU consumer rights, as it is so not right that neither the previuos carrier and manufacturer can not unlock it, even vodaphone unlocks for their customers.

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    used ipad baseband,

    Does your gps still work?
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