Iphone 3GS 8gb on three network advice needed

    I am about to finish my contract wth three and want to get the iphone. Not sure about the Iphone 4 due to reported problems.

    I have been offered the following by three.

    Free Iphone 8GB 3GS £25 per month 24 month contract
    500 cross network minutes
    5000 txt messages
    5000 three to three mins
    1GB internet allowance

    I know Tesco do something cheaper is it worth going for this as this is the only way I can get a £25 a month contract with a iphone with?

    I dont want to get the iphone 4 incase theres loads of problems.
    Any advice appreciated


    I wouldn't take it 24 month contract is a long time!! Sure there are better deals out there, and tbh i don't think the iphone 4 problems are that bad

    3GS = 3rd iphone
    when your contract ends youll be lokoing at the 6th gen iphone, if you want an iphone tbh new on contract go for 4

    are you crazy? you want to upgrade to an iphone 3GS? That's a downgrade dude....

    I just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S for just £18.75 a month for 18 months with three.

    I went to the cancelation department and told them I want to cancel my contract and get a pak code, then they offered me that^

    500 mins, unlimited text, 3GB internet + Samsung Galaxy S.... £18.75 a month!

    plus, the iphone 4 really isn't that bad... the media love to over exaggerate issues. If it really was that bad, it wouldn't be the best selling device to ever hit the market...

    Anyway, I wanted an iphone 4, but like some have said already, they only offered it on 24 months and I'm not insane to sign up to a 2 year contract.

    So I went with the second best and with all honesty, what a second best it is.

    The galaxy S is incredible. Just go to a phone shop and hold it for 2 minutes and you'll know what I mean.

    I was looking at moving over from O2 to three as they had a great deal I thought on the IPhone 4 for £30 a month with a one of fee of £99 for the phone.

    Still even their one month deals are better then O2 by £5.

    I'm just going to keep rolling over on my 30day simplicity and wait for the white improved version to come out.

    Original Poster

    Iphone 4 minimum line rental on offer is £30 PM they will not budge on it + handset cost £49 if I persist and get the same minutes and allowance above.

    I really dont want to be going for another handset.

    I didnt really want to be paying more than £25 pm thats the budget but i can see the 3gs 8gb is gonna be prehistoric after I finish the 24 month contract..
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