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    morning all! At work already but got some time to sneak on!

    Basically i've been offered a 6 week old iphone 3gs on orange. Have almost committed but wanted to get some advice first.

    My orange contract is up in the next 2 or so months, due an upgrade this week if i want. Loyalty maybe tidy so not sure i'll leave yet. But orange signal is dire where i live, but tmobile is actually fairly good. Is it totally confirmed that id be able to manually lock onto tmobile signal in the next month? If so i'll prob try pushing some loyalty to get a deal with orange...

    Secondly, the iphone ive been offered is locked to orange. Does this mean orange tinker with the software? How easy and safe is it to unlock it myself? Ive got one of those £10 tesco sims waiting in the wings! Ha.

    Sorry for the possibly basic questions. Would look up my answers but been thrown into full time teaching fairly quick and havent had a minute for much else! How is the 3gs better than the 3g?

    Have a good day people!


    Not sure if this will sway your decision, but as in the link below (posted yesterday on Daily Mail website) Orange and T-Mobile users will be able to switch between services, depending on which signal is stronger. No confirmed date as yet, just 'next year'. It's due to the merger between the two companies.…xml

    It all depends on what makes life easier for you.

    Oh, just had a read of it properly and it's 5th October that you can switch between the signals if you sign up for roaming (which is free). From reading elsewhere it's 2G first (voice calls/texts) then 3G (internet) will follow later down the line.

    Original Poster

    cheers mate. Yeah i only use 2g to be fair. So rare i've ever used 3g. But know it'll be useful now and again! So hopefully that does come into play in october. Think i'll talk orange into giving me a sim only deal or something! Want an iphone but not a 18 month or more contract! Guessing the 3gs is worth the extra. Hard to find new 3g iphones under 200!
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