Iphone 3Gs - Advice on an 02 offer please

Ive just been on the phone to 02 (my current provider) to see if they can offer me any deals for the Iphone.

This is what they have said:
**FREE (reconditioned) Iphone 3Gs
**on Iphone 35 Tariff for 24 Months (600 Mins, 500 Texts + Free Data & Wifi)
**He said he could also include one FREE Bolt on - (Unlimited texts, Unlimited 02 to 02 calls etc..)

He said basically the reconditioned phones come with the same amount of warrenty etc.. as a new one the boxes have been opened and returned under 14 day cooling off period and they have been services by apple and given new screens.

There is also the option of extended warrenty (£59), gives 24 months warrenty instead of 12 and offers 24m technical support instead of 3months that is standard.

I wondered if anyone could tell me if this is any good? and is the extra cover necessary. I havent had a new phone for a long time but have been with 02 for years.

Im after as much info and advice as i can get really as ive never had/used an iphone before. REP will be given generously :-)


just note that the iPhone 4g is coming out in June... this will tie you to a 2 year deal

i would rather get a new iphone than a refurb and as said above you dont wanna be tied in for 2 years


Probably about the best you get out of them for the 3GS (I was offered a new one on 18 months contract - but have a 30% discount that I would lose, though a £75 credit would be put in my account.)

All mobile operators are pants ATM for any deals.

Well, I'll put it this way - my iPod Touch has a slightly wonky accelerometer. It doesn' bother me hugely, but because I bought it from Apple, I can take it to one of their Genius Bars within a year and get it seen to or replaced.

If small things like that are likely to bug you, and you'd appreciate the tech support, and you can afford the extended warranty, buy it.

However, Apple do have a habit of making bloody good stuff that doesn't cock-up in 5 minutes flat like so many manufacturers, so I personally probably wouldn't get it. There's such a strong iPhone following online, you should be able to sort things out easily - even on here peple know their way around an iPhone pretty well...



just note that the iPhone 4g is coming out in June... this will tie you … just note that the iPhone 4g is coming out in June... this will tie you to a 2 year deal

This has not been confirmed by Apple though, has it?

Proof of a confirmed 4g please? I got my 3GS in december and can upgrade after 12 months so I'd rather it came out closer to then so I'm not pining after it for months lol.

Original Poster

I knew there was a new Iphone due out but i didnt think it had been confirmed and usually things dont come out over here for a while after people think do they? I dont think not having the 'latest' handset would bother me that much tbh.

Thanks for the info on the warrenty etc.. i never thought about it but i can have phone insurance through my bank which covers loss, theft, damage (including accidental) etc.. and like some of you have said there is also the internet to self-diagnose any problems.

I think i'll go for it - i dont think i will get a FREE handset like this on a matching tarif anywhere else will i?
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