Found 29th Apr 2010

Just wanted some advice - friend has smashed his Iphone screen - Phone works, slight crack at the top! Spoke with Apple, expensive to replace. anyone recommend any places who would replace the screen please?



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Screen. Everything else works. - Thanks.

i assume the glass has broken, if it works fine then the digitizer is intact, as it the lcd.

You can replace the glass cheaply and easily, just have a look how to do it on youtube.

You can buy the glass of ebay but make sure you buy OEM parts and these are the ones apple use.

If not there are plenty of phone shops that will repair it for you, usually arounf £40.

if it's in warranty apple replace for £139, if out of warranty then expect to pay about £50-£60 you have to send it off and you get it back in about 3-4 days,:thumbsup:

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Was the glass - Thanks so much for your comments guys. Friend is slightly happier now .
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