iphone 3gs can't find internet on 3g

    Our son has a 16 gb iphone 3gs on
    When at home he can get the internet via wifi but when out it says can't connect to network.
    Rang, but they were useless to say the least.

    Can anyone please shed some light on this for us.

    I have iphone 16gb 3gs on virgin and have no problems at all..

    A little stumped.

    Thanks folks


    Has the phone got the correct APN settings configured? and / or have 3G and Cellular data switched on. All can be found under Settings > General > Network

    * APN:
    * Username: user
    * Password: pass

    Original Poster

    Can't configure APN etc like I could on my old Xperia 10.
    unless there is another way to do it.

    Been through the menu as above but can't any option for cellular data.

    Cheers Mark

    Original Poster

    can't get into settings menu now..


    can't get into settings menu now..oO

    what did you do!?

    Original Poster

    Sometimes his phone takes time from pressing settings to them opening. About 15 secs, mine is instant.
    Looks like it could be a restore to get everything back.
    Or just leave it as is and take back to the shop who unlocked it
    for him? Will have to unlock and jailbreak again.
    Would rather it just be unlocked officially then at least we can update it when needed.
    Was on Orange but they said contact Apple.

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