iphone 3gs carphonewarehouse question

    hi just a quick question:
    if i buy a pay as you go iphone on o2 from carphonewarehouse. will this already be unlocked? do i need to get this unlocked for it to work on other networks?
    also will it work in south africa (i am flying out in a couple of days) as normal or will it need to be jailbreaked. what are the drawbacks of jailbreaked and can you jailbreak a iphone 3gs?


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    i think it will be locked to o2...

    not sure on iphones as its my hubby that has one and hes out at the moment..

    yes would be locked to o2.
    you would need it unlocked for it to work on other networks.
    not sure about it working abroad sorry.
    you can jailbreak an iphone 3gs - depending on the batch, it would be either tethered or untethered.

    if tethered, you need blackrain etc to 'boot it' everytime you turn iphone off or battery dies.
    everytime you update to via itunes, you will need to jailbreak again.
    If jailbreaked, and a fault occurs, this will effectively void any warranty so o2/carphone may not repair/replace.

    Hope this helps somewhat - I'm sure others can help further here
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