Iphone 3G's cases!

Hi Guys,

I dropped my Iphone on the floor yesterday! luckily it was in a Griffin Elan form case which took the brunt of the fall and saved the iphone yeah!!! The case now needs replacing as the front parts snapped. I am more than happy to buy another one of these cases as I know they work; however I was just looking for your advice/guidence into a replacement. As I always felt my current case was too bulky and took some of the sexiness away from owning an Iphone!!! lol

Any recomendations - Sara xxx

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The Griffin Elan case I use is a charity 'Clic Sargent' case. Oddly enough, the same design as the standard Elan's but at the time was only £5 from HMV, when the normal one's were £10-£15. It's pink on the inside and branded with the charity logo etc, but black on the outside, so no pink shows.
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