iPhone 3gs Jailbreak Query

    My iPhone is currently jailbroken on firmware 4.3. This is tethered JB and I would prefer an untethered one such as the JB for 4.3.1.

    However, I cant seem to upgrade my firmware via iTunes as it keeps on popping up with an error. Is there a way of upgrading it a different way to allow for the untethered exploit?

    I'd prefer not to restore the iphone to factory setting if possible as I believe i'd need to reinstall apps etc, and all my stored emails would be lost.

    Any advice is appreciated.


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    U got latest iTunes?

    solution- edit the host file

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    If only you told us what the error was.

    I will check and get back to you


    U got latest iTunes?

    I will check but I believe so


    solution- edit the host file

    Care to elaborate?

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